With Gratitude to the Angels and Masters that have guided me.

An Introduction to Angel Work: The most effective spiritual path for our time.

Our planet Earth has reached a critical point, 2007 will be a turning point (physically expressing the planetary spiritual turning point a few years earlier) that will refocus us and reorder our priorities. Spirituality, health, compassion, awakening and communion will become the focus of our attention. The New Age is dawning, and the older paths, careers and values must all be reexamined and will change in the next years. There is no more time for seeking, we must awaken now and attain that for which we were born. This introduction is written on the direction of my Angelic guides, I have also be directed to share demonstrations that will verify the effectiveness (and truth) of this practice. I'm told these demonstration will awaken belief and faith in millions who will be moved to share in this path.

We must be enlightened Now, we must have wisdom and compassion in order to help others and ourselves. Spiritual Evolution is primary. In the New Age, the primary path will be Angel Work (Communication with Angels) and path-working (traveling into the Higher Planes (Astral, Causal and beyond)) for the quickest spiritual growth and working in harmony with the divine plan. Meditation is essential (it is the most powerful method for eliminating blocks and past negative karma) but can be limited to 20 minutes a day, while at least 1/2 hour to 1 hour a day is recommended for the path work exercises.

Angel Guides

Every person has a one (or more) Guardian Angels, and each of us also has available to us a host of Angels that are waiting and willing to work with each and every soul that asks for their help. Angels can not provide teaching and conscious communication without a person's asking. We can ask Angels to teach us, inspire us, guide us, heal us and to connect us back to the Supreme Being. We can invite angels to enter, clear and energize our homes. My experience suggests that we must be very precise in our invitations and questions to the Angels, they seldom operate far beyond the boundaries that we define in our request to them.

Invitation to Angel Communication

From this time onward, Angels will respond to every invitation. This will not be in some indirect, invisible manner; today any individual can open to and communicate directly with the Angels. This can be done in many ways (whatever is suitable to the individual, but the Angels will work with whatever means you provide for their communication). This will be very clear, precise and verifiable communication. The clarity improves as you practice and open to the communication.

Angel Communications

Most will find it easiest to use a physical tool for learning and developing this communication (I'd avoid the Ouija board, but other divination boards exists that work well). This will be the most common entry  into Angelic Communication. This is suitable for many, because it allows the individual to grow (at their own pace) into the opening and receiving with an external device that may be more comfortable for one's initiation into what may at first seem mysterious and uncertain. A person can open and close the communications as they wish, they may then ponder the teachings, and upon verifying them, the person's trust and confidence will grow opening them to even more direct and clear communications (and Angels are primarily Teaching Guides in my experience). Generally the easiest and fastest development is when two people work together as partners in developing the contact and communication. (We have developed theAngel Work Board that we as a result of our experience, and under the guidance of our Angel Guides. We have chosen the most commonly used symbols and words from logs of our communications and have focused on easy access to spelling and sentence building)

Training others: Pay it forward

Once a person has a facility with the Angel Work Board, then that individual can work with a novice and the novice will more quickly develop the communication ability with the help of the mentor's experience. This will allow the propagation of the Communication with Angels at a wonderful rate, and in the very near future, every person will be able to receive guidance on a daily basis from these Divine Messengers to inspire, guide, energize and heal the population of this Earth.

Angel Communication will be the major force in the spiritual awakening of the Earth's population. You can know all the answers that have eluded millions of searching souls for a million years.

The Angel's first teaching is: Compassion.

The Angel's do not seek praise, they will not accept glorification, that they defer to the Supreme Being, the source of All, Love. (The Godhead, The Absolute, The Source of All Goodness, Love, Wisdom and Beauty).

We should cherish life, and find meaning in every moment of each day. Life is primarily about the Celebration of Being, the expression of Love. The Eastern Paths have much wisdom in pointing to the One, the Supreme Being.  However they completely miss the mark as a path for living a full life. Life is not to be renounced, the point is not to destroy the ego, desires and the joy of living. God (Being, Life, Light) has created and will always generate the "sparks" of light, the individual souls that descend (separate) into life for the purpose of expressing all the splendors of the Creator, the ability to Love, to create Beauty and to experience all.

Each soul has emanated from the Supreme Being with a burning desire to Love, to play on this magnificent stage, to express the Infinite's creativity and beauty.
The achievement of that may take many, many lifetimes. Each lifetime can forward the evolution of the Soul toward the perfect expression of Being. Each lifetime has a scope and range of growth potential. Each person is born into this life with well-defined goals, a primary purpose (Dharma), other talents to be expressed and expanded, Karma to be resolved,  associations (with other souls).
 We are spiritual beings having a human experience and that is Good. Life is To Be Experienced and Valued, Life is not a trap, a purgatory which must be escaped.


Compassion for all beings will greatly accelerate one's experience on this path. Loving soul's will find this easiest.

There are also Teachers and Mentors (such as my music master Auced) communicating from their spiritual planes, that are not Angels, but are highly evolved souls who work with the Angels. I worked with Auced (who was Bach in a previous life), Sandalphon and Gaia  in one session; learning the effect of sound on the body and soul; and composing Healing Music Compositions as exercises in expressing what I am learning. It is quite humbling to sit at an Astral piano and improvise for these supreme musicians. However they are interested only in sharing their love and knowledge of music and in inspiring my own creativity for the purpose of reaching and sharing such beauty/meaning/healing with all the souls on this planet.

Beginning Angel Work Communication.

It is important that you never open yourself, or seek to work with any lower spirits or entities.


I have found that if I don't ask the questions correctly, they will answer exactly what I ask and will not volunteer the information that would really help, so be

of Siddhi (psychic) techniques (and explanations of their development and metaphysical laws). I am to demonstrate one per year, in a specific order of increasing power. I'm currently working with scientist at a University on the first of these. After the first results, they have decided to build a new laboratory, designed for this demonstartion I'm told this will open the minds of millions of souls and reawaken their belief in and desire to work on the spiritual planes.


Siddhi is aSanskrit term for spiritual power (or psychic ability); it literally means "a perfection." It is known inHinduism and Tantric Buddhism. These spiritual powers supposedly vary from relatively simple forms ofclairvoyance to being able to levitate, to be present at various places at once, to become as small as an atom, to materialize objects, to have access to memories from past lives, and more. The term became known in the West through the work ofH.P. Blavatsky.



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