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This is the essential guide for Oracle database development. If you a developing database applications with embedded SQL, PL/SQL, or using Oracle's API, then you will find this useful.
This book covers:

  • the Oracle Precompilers
  • the Oracle API
  • SQL Basics
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    Oracle Developer's Guide
    The Programmer's Guide for Oracle Database Development

    by David McClanahan
    794 pages, $34.95, ISBN: 0-07-882087-1
    Published by Oracle Press: Osborne McGraw-Hill
    Publication date: January 1, 1996

    If you are responsible for developing an Oracle database--either a single application or an entire Oracle system--then you need this book!. Give Oracle7's power and flexibility, it is vital that you have a solid resource to turn to for answers, advice, and ideas. The Oracle Developer's Guide is that resource--and much, much more.


    Written by expert database developer and programmer David McClanahan, the Oracle Developer's Guide is designed to teach all developers--expert or novice--everything they need to create Oracle applications. The Oracle Developer's Guide provides the instruction and example source code needed to implement the most important and most common application tasks. All the details necessary to understand and build effective applications are included, covering Oracle7 architecture, distributed databases and program development using embedded SQL and the Oracle Call Interface. Security, error handling, transactions, and optimizing performance are also discussed.

    You and your company chose the Oracle RDBMS for your information management needs because of its power and flexibility. With this unique book written for all Oracle developers, you will learn not only to develop applications that take full advantage of Oracle's capabilities, but to develop fast, powerful, and secure systems as well.

    David McClanahan is a well-known database consultant who has worked in every phase of database design and client/server development. He is the author of several books and has contributed dozens of articles to the leading database journals, including Databased Advisor and DBMS magazines, for which he was a regular columnist. He currently writes columns for DataBased Web Advisor Magazine and PowerBuilder Developer's Journal. He also regularly teaches seminars on topics related to client/server development.


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