Cincinnati Conservatory of Music :Electronic Music Studio

Concert photographs from my  M.M. Composition Recital.
Setting up the equipment (my Buchla Synthesizer in front of me)

Poster from a performance of "Stellar Echoes"
a concerto for piano with Electronic (synthesizer orchestra) accompaniment

Conducting a rehearsal of my Electric Symphony
(for 5 synthesizers and percussion (3))

This photograph is of Dr. Paul Palombo, my friend and mentor. Was the composer who established and was director of the Electronic Music Studio at the University of Cincinnati



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 Paul Delph was also playing in this concert. A great musician (and a beautiful soul), went on to great success in LA as a studio musician.

Click Paul's photo to visit his memorial site.

Paul was my brother-in-law; We played several concerts together. Shortly after that (1978) I was offered a keyboard position with a band, instead I  recommended Paul .. he flew off the LA and lived a great life.

Paul's CD -  "A God That Can Dance"

Great, great music. Wide-ranging...
Hard rock, beautiful ballads, New Age, Happy, Sad, Joyous, Playful, Deep. Wonderful.

Click the CD to hear or purchase his music.

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I begin "Digital Sound Synthesis" on an IBM 360 (and 370) Mainframe computer. This, my D.M.A. dissertation, was translated into a C program for Windows (PC application) and I moved into computer programming and database design.

My first synthesizer was a Putney VCS3 with keyboard. (provided by Dwight Tindle) 

Later I had a great system with Buchla, Moog, Arp, Emu, etc. components. This picture is my Buchla (200 Series with the 208 Complex Oscillator Module , Easel , Sequencer etc.

Initially I worked analyzing and duplicating the sounds (timbre, envelopes, transients etc.) of tradional orchestral instruments. Then I worked on creating novel sounds that had never been heard before.


My Tribute to Dwight


Later I studied the effects of sound on the human body, psyche and subtle bodies.

The electronic/computer work is now being combined with my meditation and metaphysical studies.

Healing Sound is a current interest. 

I studied Sitar in India with Guruji Sharma, one of the most famous musicians in India; director of music for All-India Radio  

My music on SoundCloud

Electronic Invention #1

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