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Morphosis by Paul Palombo    This is ..  Electronic Music written for the Cincinnati Ballet in 1970. Paul Palombo.



Morphosis By Paul Palombo. Electronic Music for the Cincinnati Ballet (1970).. This is from an old vinyl recording and has a few scratches and pops , please do not listen with the volume too high.

The electronic score was commissioned by the Cincinnati Ballet and choreographed by David McClain as part of the opening event of the Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center at 1970. The premier art exhibit, a showing of massive sculpture and abstracts served as a catalyst for the work.


The title Morphosis meaning change in part of a structure or in its order of development, describes the music process. The work is cast in a compound ternary structure, with the final section presenting a varied reprise and a synthesis of the primary musical elements of the previous section. Unification is achieved through a direct and varied reuse of sound resources and materials, while contrast is largely the result of textural and timbral differences and changes in mood and intensity.


The score was realize at the Electronic Music Studio of the College Conservatory of Music.


I would like to remaster of all of the late Paul Palombo's electronic music. I have all the original source tapes on 1/2 inch 2 track stereo .. This is a sample of his music.




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