PowerBuilder 6: A Developer's Guide

This is only book you need to master PowerBuilder programming.

The Most Complete Reference/Tutorial...


INCLUDES: OVER 100 pages on distributed PowerBuilder and Internet development
with complete working distributed examples

This is the most comprehensive tutorial/reference for PowerBuilder developers.The first sections provides a complete introduction to beginning and intermediate PowerBuilder programming. This expanded edition now contains material from David McClanahan's Advanced PowerBuilder Courses (over 400 new pages). The advanced topics include Advanced DataWidows, Internet development, distributed-objects, using and developing DLLs, OLE and multi-tier development. This book will also prepare you for PowerBuilder Certification (PCD). This is the most complete, the most informative PowerBuilder book available. The "by-example" format, demonstrates every important feature of PowerBuilder with working code examples. Includes a CD-ROM will all the example code.
PowerBuilder 6: A Developer's Guide (Updated Edition) covers:

  • Complete Introduction to Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced PowerBuilder
  • The Powerscript Language
  • The PowerBuilder Painters
  • Event-driven programming
  • Unmatched Coverage of DataWindows (including advanced techniques)
  • User Objects
  • OLE (Object Linking and Embedding)
  • Accessing DLLs
  • Database Manager, ODBC
  • Distributed Objects, asynchronous programming
  • Internet development
  • Multi-tier development
  • Complete introduction to PFC
  • Recommendations on the best 3rd party tools

    Soft Cover approximately 1,200 pages
  • This is only book you need to master PowerBuilder programming.

  • Programming
    Book/CD $59.95 / CAN$83.95
    ISBN: 1-55851-581-X
    7 1/8 x 9 /14, 1,184 pages
    January 1998
    Level: Intermediate/Advanced
    Platform: Windows 95/NT
    Prev. Edition ISBN: 1-55851-473-2

    There are no updates for the book's PowerBuilder 6.0 examples.


     PB6 Book Errata .

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