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Beginner Rating Introductory Kabbalah texts
5 The Essence of Kabbalah, by Brian L. Lancaster.

I have 20-30 books on Kabbalah, this is easily the best introduction. It, more than any other introductory texts, provides a real insight into what Kabbalah is all about; what it is, how it works as a path.  This is a profound and lucid text that provides an true entry into the study of Kabbalah.

5 The Essential Kabbalah: Heart of Jewish Mysticism, by Daniel Matt

Provides a clear overview and a great selection of excerpts from the original texts.

Intermediate   Intermediate Study Source Text


Sefer Yetzirah: The Book of Creation: In Theory and Practice by Aryeh Kaplan

All books by Aryeh Kaplan are exception. This is essential reading. The first source text to read, this will get you in touch with the Kabbalah system.




Bahir: Illumination  by Aryeh Kaplan

Another great translation of an essential Kabbalistic text by Kaplan.


Advanced   Advanced Study
    Ultimately to learn Kabbalah, you must enter into the heart of the Kabbalah, reading the main text, the Zohar. This can be very difficult reading without a mentor. It is a huge undertaking just on the amount of reading (23 large volumes) and it is filled with symbolism, hidden meanings and allegorical stories; even when the philosophy is presented directly,  it can be difficult. But the process itself is Divine...
Zohar   Advanced: The Zohar is the huge (23 volume) set


The Zohar: Pritzker Edition, by Daniel Matt

A wonderful translation, deeply annotated. The best English version (still in progress, so far the first four  volumes have been printed)

The Zohar (and Kabbalah in general) is very difficult to read on your own without a mentor, theses annotations help.





The Zohar: The Kabbalah Center  In 23 Large Hardbound Volumes

Acceptable version from the Kabbalah Center, but  the Matt Pritzker edition is preferred for a better translation and the most insightful commentary.


Hebrew   Hebrew Language Study
Teach Yourself to Read Hebrew (CD & Book Set) by Ethelyn Simon, Joseph Anderson

My highest recommendation. I learned more with this small book in a week, than in months of previous study. Ten lessons teach students how to pronounce any Hebrew word (Sephardic pronunciation). Be sure to get the  book/CD set, the companion audio ensures the proper pronunciation. 
  • Publisher: Eks (June 2004) 104 pages 4 CDs
  • ISBN-10: 0939144506  ISBN-13: 978-0939144501
Shalom TV   Shalom TV has an excellent program on learning the Hebrew Alphabet titled From the Aleph Bet
NOTE: I found my SPEAKING skills were greatly improved by learning how to READ Hebrew.
Language CDs  

Modern Hebrew I (Audio CD) by Pimsleur.


Expensive but very good for learning to speak modern Hebrew. This teaches the Sephardic pronunciation as spoken in Israel.

Language CDs   Modern Hebrew II (Audio CD) by Pimsleur.

Completing the 2nd volume will give you a basic conversational skill in Hebrew.
Scripture   Hebrew Language Study

The Jewish Study Bible: featuring The Jewish Publication Society TANAKH Translation
if you want to study Hebrew then the interlinear versions have the Hebrew text with each word translated either:

orah: The Five Books of Moses - The Interlinear Bible: Hebrew / English
of the JPS Translation
The Schottenstein Interlinear Edition of the The Torah (and more)has an Interlinear Translation and a commentary (multi-volume)

Old Testament Parsing Guide (get the later revised edition) Todd S. Beall
.. has every VERB conjugated for every verse..
Hermetic   Hermetic Branch (Only)
5 The Qabalistic Tarot: A Textbook of Mystical Philosophy, by Robert Wang

The single most important reference for Qabalistic Tarot. If you pursue the Hermetic study, this is an essential study of the symbolism of Tarot. Relates the Kabbalah, especially the Tree of Life (it's Sephirot and Paths) to each card of the Tarot. Presents images from four important decks: the Golden Dawn Tarot, the Thoth Tarot, the Rider-Waite Tarot, and the traditional Marseilles deck.

Thoth   Hermetic - Specific to the Thoth Deck
    The next section is on Tarot in the context of Kabbalistic study (or Qabalistic may be more accurate).
Spiritual   Spiritual/Intuitive Tarot
Spiritual 4 The Tarot of the Spirit, by Pamela Eakins.

Tarot as a spiritual practice. Uses the "Tarot of the Spirit" deck by Pamela's mother.

  4 Living the Qabalistic Tarot, by Amber Jayanti.

Brings Tarot philosophy into everyday life.

Kabbalah   For those interested in Kabbalah Study
others   Other Tarot books
Tarot as a Spiritual Path   A breakthrough book, takes Tarot into the 21st Century (post-modern). This can help you transcend the Classical and Hermetic traditions and open into intuitive, expansive readings and a new view of Tarot's possibilities and functions.
websites   Websites
Shalom TV 5 Shalom TV has many wonderful programs. Reading Hebrews lessons, Kabbalah study.
Also recommended: the series "Kabbalah Revealed" host Anthony Kosenic (a student of Michael Laitman)
My highest recommendation.

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