Basic Astrology for the Tarot


Astrology plays a large part in determining the meaning of the individual Tarot cards (in Hermetic systems). Whether or not you believe in astrology does not effect the usefulness of what I cover in this introduction. 3 topics in Astrology are useful to the Tarotist. 

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The Key to the Minor Arcana




Wands Cups Swords Disks
  Aries -- Leo -- Sagittarius Cancer -- Scorpio -- Pisces Libra -- Aquarius -- Gemini Capricorn -- Taurus -- Virgo


The Elements



Jung   Planet Directio Symbols Angel  
Fire (Wands) creative, energetic, expansive, passion, intuition Intuition   Mars South Lion
Water (Cups) emotional, relational, sensitivity, reflection, effectiveness, desire Feeling   Mercury West Eagle
Gabriel Soul  transformation
Air (Swords) mental, abstraction, impermanence, change, flux Thinking   Jupiter East Wings Raphael  
Earth (Pentacles, Disks) material, practical, factual, stability, industrious, prudent Sensation Gaia Demeter Saturn North Bull
Uriel Haniel  

The four elements are themselves differing 'mixtures' of the two underlying principles: heat and moisture,

Notice that only the first three of these four combinations are properly included in the Mother letters.

Astrology Step 1


Attributes ----

Sun energy of life

the Reigning needs of the Personality; how the Sun's energy is expressed in Personality

Mercury Mind, Communication; Nervous System, Movement
Venus Relationships, Romance, Social and Aesthetic Concerns
Mars Applied energy, assertion, aggression
Jupiter Expansion, enthusiasm, and optimism (benefits) [higher mind]
Saturn Ambition, Necessary Controls
Uranus Intensification, Eccentricism, Individualism
Neptune Creative Visualization; Camouflage
Pluto Perspective; Empowerment (transformation rebirth)

In the Sign planetary associations:: Positive (+) is often described as Masculine;   Negative (-) described as Feminine

Signs of the Zodiac

Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable Aries -- Leo -- Sagittarius Cancer -- Scorpio -- Pisces Libra -- Aquarius -- Gemini Capricorn -- Taurus -- Virgo
Cardinal Aries  +Mars Cancer -Moon Libra +Venus Capricorn -Saturn
  Aries - Ego importance, assertive, exerting force, being number one [adventurous, perceptive, personal focus to life]

impulsive selfish

Cancer - emotional and domestic security [seeks popularity]

tenacious, sensitive, clinging

Libra - to please and gain appreciation socially; being popular, fair, attractive[reformers, prophets, idealists; sensitive, humanitarian, truth, beauty]

co-operatively, lazy

Capricorn - making things happen; organizing, strategizing and deploying resources, ambition, worldly
[power, hardworking, serious...but an ascent is possible into spiritual/householder]

prudent, cautious, suspicious

Fixed Leo  +Su n Scorpio -Mars, Pluto Aquarius +Uranus [+Saturn ] Taurus -Venus
  Leo - seeks recognition, respect, love and honor, ego triumph, Will

generous, proud, theatrical

Scorpio - control by knowing; get to the bottom of things; research; being significant, self-sufficient, right
 [mysterious ++ occult, yoga (Tantra) >> profound insight]

passionate, sensitive, anxious

Aquarius - Innovation, social outreach, humanitarianism
(mw)  [self-negation or sacrifice; no charisma]

democratic, unconventional, detached

Taurus - Keeping things as they are, or making them as they should be, to maintain structure, organization and security
 [stable, enduring, strong sense of relationships, happy homelife]

resourceful, thorough, indulgent

Mutable Sagittarius +Jupiter Pisces (mw) Neptune [-Jupiter] Gemini +Mercury Virgo -Mercury
  Sagittarius - Opinionated; self-assertion to know what is proper; affecting thought; idealistic
 mutable [harmony, moral or higher mind disposition, conventional]

freedom, straightforward, careless

Pisces - Feeling, understanding, having compassion and identifying the ideal; working with the intangible
[intuitive, mutable, sentimental, past, ceremony, music, amorphous, weak confidence]

imaginative, sensitive, distracted

Gemini - diversity, communication, cleverness, inquisitive, wit, and the idea of being scintillating, clever

logical, superficial

Virgo - refinement, discrimination, being exact, cerebral, correct, accuracy

practical, efficient, critical


The Astrological Houses




1st The self, one's appearance, the body, physical characteristic etc. The Ego. The start of anything. Self            
2nd Money and Possessions, values and priorities. Growth of anything Possessions            
3rd Communications, siblings, neighbors and neighborhood matters, local travel and transport, education, everyday matters Communication            
4th The home and family, the mother or mother figure, caring for someone or something. Conservation. The beginning and end of life. Home            
5th Pleasures and leisure, holidays, games and gambling. Children. Creativity. Love affairs and sex for fun rather than a deep relationship. Pleasure            
6th Work, duties and chores. Employers, employees and one's job. Health and well-being. Health            
7th Relationships, marriage and business partnerships. Agreements and treaties. Also open enemies and war. Partnership            
8th Birth, death, beginnings and endings. Sexual relationships and deeply committed relationships of all kinds. Joint monies, taxes, legacies, and corporate finances. The occult and psychic matters. Sex            
9th Foreign travel and foreign countries and cultures. Religion, the law and higher education. All things which seek to expand one's experience. Freedom. Philosophy            
10th Aims and ambitions, direction in life. Your status in society, your career. The house of celebrity. Social Status            
11th Detached relationships such as friends and acquaintances. Groups, clubs and societies, especially with a charitable or humane aim. Friends            
12th Mysticism, the occult, psychic matters. Places of seclusion such as hospitals, prisons and institutions. Retreat and reflection and self-sacrifice. Unconscious