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 Tatha Yoga: A Spiritual Path for the New Age

A Spiritual Path for the New Age

Tatha Yoga offers the Seeker a path that best suits the spiritual soul seeking both the active fullness of living in the world and the inner peace of spiritual knowledge. This is a path of Enlightenment, Wisdom, Empowerment and most of all, Compassion.

Tatha Yoga unifies:

1. A Western Spiritual Path: Living life fully as Celebration , bringing the experience of Higher Levels of Consciousness to everyday life. Expression and deepening. Creative and compassionate living.

2. An Mystical Spiritual Path: The focus is on Enlightenment, Knowing Reality.

"the Transcendental Self, that spark of the soul which is united to the Absolute Life, expands to fill the personality; stage by stage the remaking of the self in conformity with the Eternal World."


The purpose of Tatha Yoga is to awaken the individual to the essential nature of Being, and establish a permanent direct perception of Reality. These are , of course, common goals of many spiritual paths.

One of the unique aspects of Tatha Yoga is primary focus on the development of the inner spiritual senses that opens higher levels of perception to conscious awareness.

The primary method is the development of the ability to directly perceive and communicate with Angels. The techniques and practices are given by Angels who are available and devoted to work with each person who wishes their assistance.

 Somee will pursue the experience of the Higher Spiritual Planes through deep meditation, rising above body consciousness and traveling  into the realms of the mystical adapts. Awakening.


Love is both the means and the goal.


Walking with the Divine.

In the near future, people may have the constant awareness of the Divine around them.  People will be able to walk and hear the Divine in any moment of life.  Also  Angels will work directly with mankind, and will offer guidance on important decisions, spirituality and everyday life.

Even mundane decisions will be guided (if we ask), and as a result everyday will easier, more efficient and more fulfilling, so much so, that living in this world will become a meaningful shared joyous experience and we will feel that harmony that unites all beings. Living with the constant awareness of the spiritual nature of all beings will awaken love, we will feel a deep connection with and a deep caring for all beings. This will instill in each individual the recognition that every person that we meet is our spiritual brother or sister and every moment presents the possibility of the expression of loving kindness. 

The awareness of the Divine purpose of life, and with the help of wise , loving Angel companions to help us in every decision of daily living, we can be sure that our actions are in harmony with needs of both the individual and  for the good of all beings. This new awareness and efficency in life will make it possible to raise the standard of living for those in need, humanity will realize that every adult is responsible and shares in proving health and safety to every child on the Earth. If we are aware of Angels and the wishes of the Divine Being for whom they serve, how could it be otherwise?

Angels only touch the lives of those who ask. You must ask for the Angel's help before they will become involved in your life.

Do we need an intermediary between the individual and the Divine?

No, we don't. Every soul already has a relationship with the Divine. Tatha Yoga is not a religion, it is a means of living a more successful life with the advice of those serving the Divine plan.

What Tatha Yoga offers is a new path, practices that will help anyone to develop their awareness of the spiritual aspects of life, make better decisions and how to live a life more efficiently so that every individual may pursue their own paths, develop their potentials and find fulfillment in everyday life.

Living Life 200%!

The Enlightened soul is living life 200% ; a fulfilling life active in the world, and a full spiritual experience at the same time. The meaning of life is living it. We should be able to explore and express our individual uniqueness in a supportive, loving world and we should be able to live that life in a way that is supportive and loving for all other beings. Almost anyone would choose to live such as life if given the opportunity, the main problem preventing this for most of us is that we don't know all the answers to life that would allow us to find the harmonious pathway in everyday life. This is the power of Tatha Yoga. At this point in human evolution, the Angels are offering us their direct help and guidance in every step of life. The Angels love us, and seek only to provide for the best of every soul in the universe. Now they teach us techniques to allow us to communicate with them directly. Each person can choose to take part in their offer and decide what to what degree the Angels will be involved in their everyday life.

"Angels" are  Spiritual Guides who have work with the Tatha Yoga methods.


Angel's Healing Power

One of the great powers of the Angels is their healing energy.

Advice both Spiritual and Mundane

Angels provide advice in everyday life and can be very specific for the individual asking if the questions are for the good of all beings. I've never asked for the location of a buried treasure, but they have guided us to the location of many lost items of value that were misplaced but needed. They will advise on which books to read, meditation techniques, health and vocation. The Angels know and respond to our intentions and they give the most energy and help to the sincere, loving and compassionate souls.

Don't wait for wisdom in order to live wisely.

If we listen within, we can intuit wisdom, we recognize it. We take the advice of people that we respect when we know they have wisdom to share.


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Tatha - Splendor, Thusness, Suchness

Tatha is an Angelic word which is used as a description of the perception when approaching the Divine. It's meaning includes the feelings Radiance, Splendor, Exaltation, Joy and spiritual Love. 

Tatha is also a Sanskrit work that can be translated as "Suchness". In this context Tatha is a pointer, or label for the essence of Being. That without which nothing would exists. Tatha is That which is shared by all beings but is Itself indescribable for it has no attributes, but is the source in which all attributes arise.

"Suchness is not something to be added from outside. It is being itself. It is in living life itself... . "
- The Zen of Creativity, by John Daido Loori




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