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For the last 20 years, Data Warehousing, ETL and Business Intelligence have been my primary focus. I have experience with all the major RDBMS systems; 18 years experience with Oracle, SQL, PL/SQL, SQL Server. Also many years experience with Business Objects, Informatica, DWB, Cognos, Java, UML, C, C++, PowerBuilder, XML. 

I am available now and most interested in contracts for remote data modeling with ERwin (or PowerDesigner) , Oracle and SQL Server.

I am currently doing database and application development for the stock market. Using C# (.NET), Interactive Brokers TWS API , Oracle and SQL Server. I am interested in remote C# programming jobs.

David McClanahan is a Data Architect who specializes in Enterprise Data Architecture, Data Warehouse design, ETL design and coding, Database modeling and programming and the development of Business Intelligence systems. He is also an instructor and one of the most widely published authors in his field.

David has written 7 books (including The Oracle Developer's Guide from Oracle Press) and over 70 technical (data based) articles and served as columnist for DBMS Magazine, eBusiness Advisor and  Databased Advisor Magazines, and was the technical reviewer for The DBA Handbook from Oracle Press. 

 He has extensive experience as Enterprise Data Architect (served in that position for 5 years for General Electric), many years experience in Data Warehouse Design, ETL design and programming, Business Intelligence, Data Modeling, Oracle (Programming and DBA), Data Analysis. He has been Certified for Oracle, has been a Business Objects instructor. He has designed and lead the implementation of many data systems including the GE Quality Data Warehouse.  He is fluent in Java (J2EE, Web),  SQL, PL/SQL, C, C++, PowerBuilder  and experienced with Data Integrator, Informatica and Business Objects (also Cognos, Erwin, PowerDesigner).

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David has been involved with every phase of software development, including feasibility studies, design, data modeling, coding, and project management for many large projects. He also has extensive experience in Oracle database administration and design including Data Warehousing and Operational Datastores . David is also one of the most widely published experts in the field.  See below for a list of my pubications.
As a database specialist he has worked with all of the major database systems including Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, Informix, Ingres, Progress, Ontos, and Versant. He has also developed with a wide range of front-end tools including PowerBuilder, SQL Windows, Delphi, Visual Basic etc.. He also has extensive C and C++ experience in the UNIX and Windows environments and experience with Windows Server administration.

David has had extensive experience architecting and developing very large, multi-tier systems (typically with thousands of clients and multiple servers). He has served as principal architect, project leader, systems analyst and programmer. Most of these systems are Internet based systems. Much of his focus is in establishing enterprise methodology and driving object-oriented design and development. Recent work has focused on developing Business Intelligence Systems.

David can be reached through email at contact@davidmcclanahan.com

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Brief Resume and Publication List

I am a Data Modeler, Enterprise Data Warehouse Architect and Programmer with extensive experience working for world-class IT departments. Data Modeling, Data Warehouse Design, ETL Programming and Business Intelligence have been my primary focus.

 I have excellent communications skills and work well with end users and management. I also have extensive experience as a technical team leader and as a project manager. High points are:

§  Author of the Oracle Developer’s Guide (Oracle Press), Technical Reviewer for The Oracle DBA Handbook

§  BusinessObjects, Data Integrator (DataServices), Informatica, Oracle DWB, Cognos

§  SQL, PL/SQL, Java, C, C++, C#, Internet/Web Programming; ERwin, PowerDesigner, TOAD

I’m interested only in remote data modeling contracts . This is an outline of my skills and experience working for world-class IT departments for 20 years.

Enterprise Data Modeler and Data Architect

·        Data Modeling (Erwin, PowerDesigner, TOAD) - Relational, 3NF, Dimensional, multi-dimensional, BI.

·        Design, Team-Lead and Implementation of many very large systems. (Transactional, ODS, Data Warehouse, Dimensional Reporting Systems)

·        Consolidations, large terabyte systems, Oracle OLAP, SQL Server

·        Database tuning and optimization for large systems.

Business Intelligence – Reporting and Decision Support and BI Administration.

·        BusinessObjects (WEBI, Crystal Reports, Xcelcius), Cognos, MicroStrategy, Oracle, SQL Server.

Database specialist - experience with all the major RDBMS. 

·        Oracle, SQL Server, Teradata¸ EssBase, IBM DB2, many others

·        DBA – Completed full Oracle DBA training (Oracle Press author) Certified. Sybase training.

Team Leader – and project manager, Microsoft Project.

·        Lead many projects through the complete Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

·        Microsoft Project and various methodologies. Metrics based on Six-Sigma Quality methodologies.

Senior-Level Programmer – Application, System, Web and ETL programming.

·        Application – Java (J2EE), C, C++, C# (and MS .NET)

·        Database and ETL – SQL, PL/SQL, T-SQL, Data Integrator (DS), Cognos, Informatica, Oracle DWB, Essbase

·        Client/Server and Multi-tier systems, Internet development and Dynamic Web pages, HTML, JSP etc.

Author, Technical Writer – author of seven technical books including The Oracle Developer’s Guide (Oracle Press) and 80 technical articles for the leading magazines (including DBMS Magazine, Oracle Magazine, Databased-Advisor). 

I was a Technical Reviewer for the Oracle, including the Oracle DBA Handbook.


Magazine Publications 

"Relational Database Design (Relational Theory)", DBMS Magazine, October 1991

"Relational Database Normalization", DBMS Magazine, November 1991

"Relational Database Operations", DBMS Magazine, December 1991

"Conceptual Database Design", DBMS Magazine, January 1992

"RDB: E/R Modeling", DBMS Magazine, February 1992

"Logical Database Design", DBMS Magazine, March 1992

"Physical Database Design", DBMS Magazine, April 1992

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"SQL Server and Netware" DBMS Magazine, October 1992

"Preparing Your Network for Client/Server" DBMS Magazine, November 1992

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“Data and the Web" e-Business Advisor, 1999

 “Beyond CGI: DBMS Alternatives to Push Data to the Web" e-Business Advisor, 1999




The Oracle Developer’s Guide Oracle Press, 1995

The Oracle7 DBA Handbook (I was the technical reviewer for this and other books by Oracle Press)

PowerBuilder 6: A Developer’s Guide: Revised Edition, IDG (M&T) Books, January 1998.

Developing Client/Server Applications, Henry Holt Inc., January 1997.

PowerBuilder 5: A Developer’s Guide, M&T Books, 1996.

Teach Yourself PowerBuilder 5: MIS Press, 1996.

Database Developer’s Guide, M&T Books, 1994.

FoxPro 2: A Developer's Guide, M&T Books, 1991.

FoxPro 2: The Complete Reference, Sybex 1992



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