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I began composing when  I was 5, played professionally (Jazz, Rock, Classical) as a teenager. Have written 100 composition in many styles including; Classical, Jazz, New Age, Rock and Pop.

I was at the Cincinnati Conservatory (later merged with University of Cincinnati: College Conservatory of Music) for 14 years. I was a Professor of Music, (Composition, Electronic Music) for many years. I wrote Classical, Rock, New-age and Jazz.
My compositions included:

My Dissertation was "Digital Sound Synthesis" and generated sound (via additive synthesis and linear-frequency modulation) to recreate instrumental sounds and then create many totally new sound timbres. I'm pursuing this work in relation to "Sound Healing"; the use of sound (vibrations, pitch, timbre, harmony) to effect healing and evolutionary effects on individuals. I'm working on a book and CD that collect these compositions together. This will be posted here in the near future.


Pictures from the University of Cincinnati Electronic Music Concerts (with Paul Palombo and Paul Delph)

My Popular Music

My Classical and NewAge Music

 Healing Sound    

Music is the great love of my life. Classical, Jazz, Rock, and Celtic are my favorites. I began to study music when I was 5 years old, wrote a piano concerto and symphony as a teenager. I have written 3 Symphonies, 12  concertos, taught music theory, composition and history at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music for many years before moving into the computer profession (related to my Dissertation "Digital Sound Synthesis").

As a teenager I found a deep rapport with Beethoven's music, His intensity, isolation, determination, and the search for beauty, far beyond the mundane activities and interest of everyday life captivated me (still does). Beethoven is the most human of composers, but his music rises to the reach sublime heights of spirituality and realization.

Mozart was a later discovery for me. I hear the music of Beethoven as the voice of man (determination, feelings, striving for the sublime); and when I hear Mozart's music, I hear it almost as the voice of God, with little "human" intervention. By this I mean that much of this music seems to be more a revelation of beauty, than a human composition (like Beethoven's music).

Bruckner is another favorite.

Now I've returned to music and am composing New Age, Classical and Rock, Most recently I've been writing a Rock Musical based on the Novel "The Razor's Edge" and Tarot Card images.


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