Introduction to the Esoteric Tarot

The Hermetic/Cabalistic Attributions

22 Trumps (Major Arcana)

The 22 trumps are the symbols of the occult. Each has elemental, astrological and Qabalistic attributions and each has been assigned to one the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. They are numbered from 0 to 21.                       Return to the Tarot Home Page

Major Arcana Card Attributions


Traditional Title (Waite-Coleman)

Thoth Variation

Hebrew  Letter 
/ Meaning

Hebrew Esoteric Title

Elemental / Astrological

(Saykel) Awareness

Function Path  
0. The Fool  

Aleph / Ox

Spirit of Aether Air / Uranus  Scintillating
--------- 11 Crown of Wisdom
1. The Magician  

Beth / House

Magus of Power Mercury Transparent Life and Death 12 Crown of Understanding
2. The High Priestess  

Gimmel / Camel

Priestess of the Silver Star Moon Uniting Peace and  War 13 Crown of Sovereignty and Beauty
3. The Empress  

Dalet / Door

Daughter of the Might Ones Venus Illuminating Wisdom & Folly 14 Wisdom of Understanding
4. The Emperor Tzadi

Hey / Window

Son of the Morning; Chief among the Mighty Ares Constituting Sight 15 Wisdom of Sovereignty and Beauty
5. The Hierophant  

Vav / Nail

Magus of the Eternal Taurus Triumphant Hearing 16 Wisdom of Mercy
6. The Lovers   Zain / Sword Children of the Voice Divine; Oracles of the Mighty Gods Gemini Disposing Smell 17 Understanding of Beauty
7. The Chariot  

Chet / Fence

Child of the Power of the Waters; Lord of Triumph of Light Cancer House of Influence Speech 18 Understaning of Severity
8. Lust
Adjustment (Justice)
swapped with 11

Tet / Serpent

Daughter of the Flaming Sword Leo Spiritual Activities Taste 19 Mercy of Severity
9. The Hermit  

Yod / Fist

Prophet of the Eternal; Magus of the Voice of Light Virgo Will Sexuality, Touch 20 Mercy of Sovereignty and Beauty
10. Fortune  

Kaf / Palm of the Hand

Lord of the Forces of Life Jupiter Conciliation Riches & Poverty 21 Mercy of Victory
11. Adjustment
Lust  (Strength)
swapped with 8

Lamed / Ox Goad

Daughter of the Lords of Truth; Ruler of Balance Libra Faithful Work 22 Severity of Sovereignty and Beauty
12. The Hanged Man  

Mem / Water

Spirit of the Mighty Waters Water Stable --------- 23 Severity of Splendor
13. Death  

Nun / Fish

Child of the Great Transforms; Lord of the Gate of Death Scorpio Imaginative Movement 24 Sovereignty and Beauty of Victory
14.  Art

Samekh / Prop

Daughter of the Reconcilers, the Bringer-forth of Life Sagittarius Probationary Wraith 25 Sovereignty and Beauty of Foundation
15. The Devil  

Ayin / Eye

Lord of the Gates of Matter; Child of the Forces of Time Capricorn Renovating Mirth 26 Sovereignty and Beauty of Splendor
16. The Tower  

Pey / Mouth

Lord of the Hosts of the Mighty Mars Exciting Indignation & Grace 27 Victory of Splendor
17. The Star Heh

Tsade / Fishhook

Daughter of the Firmament; Dweller between the Waters Aquarius Natural Imagination 28 Victory of Foundation
18. The Moon  

Qof / Back of the head

Ruler of Flux and Reflux; Child of the Sons of the Mighty Pices Corporal Sleep 29 Victory of Kingdom
19. The Sun  

Resh / Head

Lord of the Fire of the World Sun Collecting Fertility & Bareness 30 Splendor of Foundation
20. Aeon

Shin / Tooth

Spirit of the Primal Fire Fire Perpetual --------- 31 Splendor of Kingdom


The Universe
The World

The Universe

Tav / Seal

Great One of the Night of Time Saturn / Earth Administrative Power & Servitude 32 Foundation of Kingdom


Hebrew Lurianic Planetary     Sefiroth Tarot
Alef Awir       Fool
Beth Shabbathai Saturn 6 Binah (3) Universe
Gimmel Tsedeq Jupiter 5 Chesed (4) Fortune
Daleth Ma'adim Mars 4 Gevurah (5) Tower
Kaf Shemesh Sol 0 Tifareth (6) Sun
Peh Nogah Venus 2 Netzach (7) Empress
Resh Kokav Mercury 1 Hod (8) Magician // Prophet
Tav Levanah Moon 3 Yesod (9) High Priestess // Torah

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